How To Choose The Right Provider For You And Your Needs

Is it better to see a Physical Therapist that works for a physician or a Physical Therapist in a private practice? We’ll leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions but here are a few facts that will be helpful when making your decision. Recent studies indicate there were more treatments (visits per patient were 39% to 45% higher in a physician owned clinic) and the overall cost was greater for patients that attended a physician owned practice rather than a private practice.

As a private practice, Fast Track Physical Therapy believes that we can provide you with the highest quality of care available and do it in a cost-effective manner. We will start by keeping the number of visits down and will send you home with an exercise plan to do on your own in-between visits. You will work closely with your physical therapist and, your case will be managed by the same therapist from the beginning to the end of your experience. We also do not have physical therapy aides, techs or assistants working in our office. This is one of the major factors that sets us apart from other providers in the Salt Lake City area, or a physician owned practice.

Many people assume they will need to schedule an appointment with a physician and/or get a referral before they are able to start therapy for their injury. However, in the state of Utah for most cases you do not need a referral  due to the Direct Access Law.  Again, this will help keep the cost for your treatment lower and cut down on the amount of time it takes to start therapy.  For more information on Direct Access see

Another common miscommunication between physicians and patients is that you will need to attend therapy at the office/clinic that they choose to refer you to. This is not true. You always have the right to choose where you would like to go for treatment.  Something else to ask is whether or not the physical therapy office is in network with your insurance. Don’t assume that just because you’re being referred that they will accept your insurance or be a participating provider.

Sarah Jensen, Practice Manager