Rob Sirstins, Fyzical Liaison/Marketing Director

Rob grew up in Salt Lake where he excelled in both football and rugby, and was heavily recruited as a college running back. He was also selected to play for the Junior USA Eagles rugby team after high school graduation, but instead chose to follow his dream of playing football at the University of Utah on a full scholarship. Unfortunately, Rob’s football career was cut short due to a tragic car accident.

After Rob’s football career came to an abrupt end, he focused on getting to the gym to retrain/rebuild his body – which he did to a level his doctors told him he would never achieve again. Through his hard work and dedication, he managed to find the rugby pitch again and began making his mark all over the country in both semi-professional and professional leagues. 

Unfortunately, with Rob’s successful athletic career also came numerous injuries: herniated discs in his back, a torn ACL, and sprained AC joints in both shoulders, just to name a few. Desperate to maintain his high-level activity and fitness, Rob scoured the Salt Lake valley looking for physical therapists to help him back to his full potential; however, he generally bounced around from facility to facility with no success – highly dissatisfied. He was eventually referred to Dr. George Shirley at FYZICAL. Once there, Rob experienced one-on-one treatment from George, who was emotionally invested in seeing Rob’s return to the competitive level he was capable of.  After completing that Physical Therapy bout, Rob once again returned to playing competitive rugby and being able to train the way he once was.  Since that initial meeting Rob remains passionate about referring teammates, clients and friends only to FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers (Midvale), because he knows they will receive the upmost professional care and treatment. 

Professionally, Rob has over 10 years of corporate sales experience; has founded two companies; is still just as passionate about health and fitness as ever before.  He is excited to be able to share his passion about FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers (Midvale), because he has experienced what truly sets it apart from other clinics around the Salt Lake valley.