Patient Testimonials

  • “My experience with Fast Track Physical Therapy has been really great. Matthew helped with my shoulder injury I had been trying to let heal by itself for about 5 months. With 6 visits, I had so much more mobility than before and no pain. Prior to coming my pain would prohibit me from doing my Crossfit workouts and would have pain throughout the day. The mobility and strengthening exercises are focused on my shoulder and have helped enormously. Minimal pain and much more mobility. Thank you Matthew.”

    T. Morales

  • “I could not walk without limping and walking was painful! Frankly, I did not believe that physical therapy could solve any issues- But you guys were great. I was much better after the first visit. Thank you for your help!!”

    S. Dunn

  • “It was difficult but pleasing, I feel a TON better. It used to hurt to walk upstairs and dance and now it is very minimum to no pain. I feel a lot stronger now!”

    M. DeVries

  • “The staff and the physical therapist Matthew is very friendly and helpful. I had a hamstring tendon strain and it prevented me from playing tennis at my fullest. After a couple sessions at Fast Track Physical Therapy, it got much better, so I can start playing tennis competitively again.”

    V. Vu

  • “My experience with Fast Track was memorable. I remember coming home after my first appointment feeling frustrated- not because I didn’t accomplish anything, but because I hadn’t come to Fast Track sooner. After the first day, I felt like I was finally recovering from my surgery. In formal terms, George was my knee whisperer. Did I have to work hard? Definitely, but physical therapy has helped me feel like myself again. I’m out and about. I’m dancing with friends and slowly jogging. I’ll ski next week. I owe George big time.”

    M. Lloyd

  • “I came in with a sore, stiff neck and some “shooting” headache pains. George has been great in getting my neck more flexible and relaxed. No more headache pains and my upper back hasn’t felt this good in ages. He’s also doing some great things to help me improve my balance.”

    D. Mangum

  • “Went from being unable to walk as an adult on stairs to feeling stronger than before surgery. Excellent communication skills contributed to both overall success and ability to focus on exercises and strength training, and addressing concerns as they arose, especially in maintaining correct form and posture. Overall, the best physical therapy experience I’ve had.”

    K. Weiss

  • “After 2 level fusion surgery and discovery, I met with Dr. Matthew to help get my strength back and body together. He taught me proper form, core exercises, and strengthening exercises that made me stronger, more balanced, and gave me confidence to move on with my life. I am now back to work doing the same physical labor as before and I feel great. His knowledge, patience, understanding, and encouragement made me and my physical therapy experience above average. Thanks for everything.”

    L. Wilde

  • “My experience at Fast Track was excellent. Dr. George Shirley was an exceptionally fine model and understanding person. As verification of his work, I feel great. I think he’s got a wonderful office staff and overall clinic. If ever I should need therapy again, Fast Track will be my go to place.”

    T. Barnes

  • “When I started physical therapy at Fast Track, I was walking with the aid of crutches. I am now walking without a limp with no pain and without crutches. I can bike as well as I was able to before knee replacement surgery, and am well on my way to my pre-surgical hiking capability. I have reached my target range of motion for flexion and extension. I was extremely pleased with the level of personal and professional service provided by Fast Track Physical Therapy.”

    J. York

  • “Walking, standing, sitting, moving: all improvements. Feel like I will get back to functioning again.”

    D. Miller

  • “This physical therapist that my son experienced was 5 star. Matthew met physical and emotional needs of my son. He was patient, kind, loving, and very professional. If my son has any additional follow-up or need for physical therapy, we will come back. Thank you Matthew, you are a good man.”

    M. Ingram

  • “My physical therapy at Fast Track has really helped my neck and back pain and headaches. Driving used to make my neck and upper back sore, and I had shooting headache pains. I feel stronger, more flexible and have a little pain only occasionally. It’s great! And my balance is so much better!”

    D. Mangum

  • “Matthew works me hard, but I like it. I think he is great, and he is very knowledgeable. Much better experience with Fast Track than with other previous therapy facilities.”

    L. Bridges

  • “I felt that I improved greatly. When I had any changes, my exercises and movement were changed accordingly. I feel I am more flexible and aware of my problem and ways to correct.”

    J. Jensen

  • “I had shoulder pain and couldn’t workout. After seeing George, he helped me get back to working out. I learning a lot from him, and enjoyed seeing him. If I ever have a problem, I will be coming to see George!”

    I. Luck

  • “I was skeptical of physical therapy at first. After a few weeks, though, I can certainly feel the difference in what I am able to do. Matthew was an excellent coach and kept pushing me at just the right speed.”

    R. Schroeder

  • “Great experience. George was always great about communicating with me and making sure I was comfortable with where I was at and what I was working on. I had trouble really with my confidence in doing anything, but as I did the workouts and started to see that I could do these things outside as well. Going up and down stairs was a huge concern and I realized very quickly that I had that ability. Definitely would come back or recommend people to Fast Track!”

    T. Pitcher

  • “My experience at Fast Track has been a very positive one. Due to my own financial limitations, I was not able to come as often as recommended, but I felt the staff to be understanding and encouraging. George was able to guide me, push me, send me off with things to do at home, offer support at any time with a sincere level of kindness and compassion. I know now with better clarity how to continue to improve and I am very grateful.”

    S. Boswell

  • “On “recommend,” I’m beyond agree. I’m impressed with understanding, empathy, and support.”

    P. Stanworth

  • “I had recently had a meniscectomy in my right knee and continued to have pain long past the time when I was told by my surgeon that I would feel “back to normal”. I was told I would need a knee replacement by my surgeon and even had a date scheduled for it. However, after seeking out Dr. George at Fast Track, my pain is gone. I am back to work, doing spin classes, and taking care of my home and family again. Thank you George.”

    K. Spiroff

  • “This was my second reticular lateral release surgery that George helped me rehab. Before I came in I could barely walk and my knee was pretty swollen. Within one week I was back to walking better and being able to bend my knee. George was able to get me back on my bike within three weeks and now only five weeks later I am able to do cycling without any issues. Thank you!”

    J. Richards

  • “I came in with pain in neck, shoulders and hands and in lumbar spine. I was treated in an organized way, always professional and yet very friendly. George was “great” and I got much better results than I expected. Staff was friendly and helpful. I will return if needed and refer my friends”

    K. Brockbank.

  • “I came in to see George after a double knee surgery and about eight years of physical therapy. I was discouraged and in pain. I thought my knees would never allow me to do all the activities I enjoyed. George worked with me and in a couple months I was feeling better than I had ever remembered feeling. I have been a patient of George for over three years now and I am so grateful for him. He expresses a sincere desire to help and is so knowledgeable in his field. He explains, helps, and motivates. He has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and I know I wouldn’t be where I am now without him and all of his help. I am now dancing on a BYU dance team, rock climbing, and doing a lot of hiking. I love Fast Track Physical Therapy!!”

    J. Welling

  • “I contacted Dr. George Shirley of Fast Track Physical Therapy because of a knee surgery: The posterior root of the medial meniscus was severed from its insertion point due to tripping while on a walk. I was experiencing chronic pain and was unable to walk up stairs one foot at a time. Dr. Shirley’s program of therapy to reduce the pain and increase mobility was excellent. The home exercises he prescribed were painless and strengthened the knee-injured leg considerably. My pain is minimal at the present time, I can walk up and down stairs one foot at a time. Dr. Shirley was never in a hurry when treating me. The therapy has greatly improved my left knee’s functioning.”

    M. McClurg

  • “I love to run. After having kids my hips were out of line. George was the first therapist to accurately diagnose the source of my knee pain. He helped me strengthen my hips and glutes and improve my running form so that I could stay injury free. Since doing physical therapy I ran my fastest half-marathon time.”

    E. Summers

  • “Every morning, I would get out of bed and limp around the house for at least an hour because of foot pain. I would then leave the house and “enjoy” back and shoulder pain at school. Yay! After working with George on all three of these issues in such a short time, I no longer limp around the house, and I can carry on my day as normal with hardly no pain at all! Thank you Fast Track!”

    E. Rasmussen

  • “PT has helped me a lot. I came in three weeks ago having trouble walking, and now I am back at 100%. George is a great therapist who helped me get back to normal as quick as possible.”

    E. Schneggenburger

  • “Amazing!! I have been to physical therapy only once before and dreaded the fact that I had to come again. My first experience was a waste of time and money. This time however has been an incredible experience. George was able to determine what my injury was and fixed me in a short amount of time. I am able to get back to my work out classes which I haven’t been able to do because of my shoulder injury. I have already referred several friends and colleagues, assuring them of the great results and one on one time George provides. Thank you so much!”

    L. Kesler

  • “I am so glad that I was referred to George at Fast Track PT. I had been having pain in my elbow for months. After therapy my elbow feels so much better. I was impressed by the expertise of George. I had a wrist injury 12 years ago that was causing limitations in my arm, hence making my elbow hurt. After several sessions I now have more mobility in my wrist after all those years! Thanks for helping me.”

    K. Miller

  • “My experience at Fast Track was awesome! George is amazing! He is not only very competent with years of experience, he is very caring, compassionate and goes the extra mile for his patients. I am very grateful for such a positive experience. Before PT, I couldn’t even walk normally. I was limping and in pain. I couldn’t bend my knee, do jazzercise, or go up and down stairs. Now I can do it all with no pain!”

    K. Krueger

  • “Fast Track Physical Therapy, and specifically Dr. George Shirley have made a tremendous difference in the way I feel. Back and neck pains all but eliminated. I can now do activities that I had abandoned due to pain and stiffness. Dr. George is a caring and listening healer who works with you to address your specific issues. He includes your input and tailors and individual recovery plan for you. I cannot say enough good things about FTPT or Dr. George Shirley.”

    E. Hosibet

  • “My experience with Fast Track has been extremely positive. Before “PT” I was unable to drive, do my own grooming and most household tasks. At this time I have no problem doing them. I would give Fast Track- “George Shirley” an A plus- George “knows” what he is doing!!”

    M. Dahlberg

  • “After only two visits I have noticed a huge difference in my pain level and strength. Before I was about a 5 on the pain scale, now around a 2. My range of motion has drastically improved. I find myself doing things (like picking up my baby) without even thinking about it to trying to guard my painful hip. I’m sore, but it’s my muscles getting stronger again! Thank you!!”

    J. De St Jeor

  • “George and staff were great to work with! His manual therapy and wide variety of strengthening exercises helped my unstable shoulder improve vastly with regards to stability and strength. He gave excellent advice on which activities to avoid and how to keep improving. Thank you!”

    D. Ostahowski

  • “I had been going to a chiropractor for years. The relief was short lived. He finally told me there was no more he could do. I was having severe neck and shoulder pain. I went to an orthopedic doctor, he found I had three ruptured disks in my neck- no wonder I was in pain! He referred me to a pain clinic. The shots wore off fast. Then I was referred to Fast Track PT. Matt has achieved pain relief that no one else had been able to do. Matt is the very best Physical Therapist I have ever been to. He was very caring. He had me do exercises and work on my posture. He really knew what he was doing. I have very little or no pain now. I am pleased that I found the right PT to help with my pain relief. I highly recommend Matt Randall to you.”

    P. Wilson

  • “Before coming to Fast Track, I wasn’t confident that I could come back 100% and I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere with my injury. Now, faster than I expected, I was back to doing all the sports and activities I love like volleyball, skiing and lacrosse. The therapists were great and they are definitely my first choice for any rehab needs. Thanks Fast Track for helping me get back to doing what I love!”

    C. Jones

  • “I am very fortunate to have received services at Fast Track. George works one on one with patients and he is highly competent. One of the best local providers and I have been several prior places with limited success. I came to Fast Track completely deconditioned and behind in my recovery. He was thorough and knew exactly how to target the best treatment plan for me. Today is my last day and I am stronger and significantly more mobile and stable. I have learned key tools and techniques to continue my success independently. I highly recommend Fast Track and can confidently say that George is one of the best. I cannot emphasize how critical it is that PT be a mandatory part of most post-surgery treatments. Thank you Dr. Cooley for trusting George with my care. I encourage you to refer all your PTs without hesitation.”

    Joyce A.

  • “I came in because of issues with my left knee. I wasn’t able to do my normal lifting routine or play basketball. Matthew has been working with me over the last couple months and he has been fantastic at helping me improve. Both my strength and flexibility have increased and I’m back to all my normal activities. I’ve really appreciated how he has approached my recovery and taught me how to maintain and improve things myself. If I have issues again, I wouldn’t hesitate to come see him again.”

    A. Wray

  • “I am so glad that I came to Fast Track! I am a sophomore in high school, and I made the Varsity Basketball and soccer teams. When I got injured Fast Track helped me get back to playing. George and Matthew helped me strengthen my muscles extremely fast. Without them, I don’t think that I would be back on the court! Thank you so much George and Matthew!!”

    R. Garff

  • “I started physical therapy 2 weeks post-surgery (ACL/Meniscus) and was very nervous to hurt/damage the repair. My first few steps without a brace were so scary, and George gently talked me into trusting my leg and stepping. With each new exercise and milestone, George supported me by talking me through proper mechanics and giving me pep talks. Six months post-surgery, I am slowly increasing my running time and continuing to strengthen my leg. I am recovering and feeling confident and happy!”

    T. Lewis

  • “My first experience from making my first appointment Sarah to meeting Matthew (PT) was great! The physical therapist was very good during the evaluation and asked me questions where I hunt and how I was feeling, each visit. I appreciated the patience and the follow-up emails that provided me the exercises I needed to do at home to make my recovery go faster. The overall physical therapy experience was excellent. I am able to start playing golf and go bowling. Just feeling better mentally and physically.”

    R. Matsuura

  • “My Fast Track experience was better than I could have ever imagined. In just a couple sessions I gained a lot of mobility in my shoulder and the pain was drastically reduced. Dr. Randall and the staff was incredible. They took their time with me and it was obvious that my success was a priority to them.”

    B. Stouder

  • “Acting on a recommendation from a friend, I chose Fast Track for much needed physical therapy related to a knee injury and chronic tendonitis in one foot. I had a very positive experience with Dr. George Shirley! Working with him significantly improved my quality of life. As a result of our sessions and exercises I performed at home my knee pain has minimized, the foot pain went away, and my ability to walk, use stairs, and sleep comfortably returned to normal. Working with George was satisfying because of his expertise and optimistic attitude. He was upbeat, kind, totally focused on me when I was there, and always ready to engage in an interesting conversation while I was being treated. I continue to use the exercises and recommendations he provided.”

    M. McClurg

  • “I’ve been to physical therapy before with someone else for the same reason. I came here for Plantar Fasciitis. I had trouble doing my workouts. Dr. Matthew Randall is amazing. Far better than the physical therapist before. He knows how to improve mobility and get rid of pain. Thanks to him, I can now workout without pain. Thank you. And the receptionist is amazing. So kind. No changes needed in your company.”

    E. Josephson

  • “They were very knowledgeable and helped you be able to do everyday activities. My posture has improved and I’ve gotten stronger.”

    M. Berg

  • “It was really good. I felt like I was welcome and it was a good experience. I had trouble doing almost anything including sitting in the car.”

    B. Anderson

  • “Before I started coming to physical therapy, I was having bad knee troubles, which limited me to doing very little. The therapist was very kind and respected my boundaries, and tried to help my pain. He did a very good job at this and about 6-7 weeks later, I am completely pain-free. So thank you!”

    O. Slaughter

  • “I had a great experience at Fast Track. I was injured in a car accident and initially had pain in my neck and hand. After being treated for a couple of weeks and following the exercises I was given, my pain has been reduced to almost nothing and I’m back to doing Crossfit at my pre-injured intensity.”

    L. Keating

  • “I was very worried about getting help, but I am glad I went in to Fast Track and was helped by Matthew. I will go back in a heartbeat if I have any other problems in the future. This is a very well run business, and I would recommend Fast Track to anyone needing PT. I had a rotator cuff surgery, and Dr Matthew knew exactly how rehab it. We started 2x week for mobility and after a short 4-5 weeks, we progressed to some strength activities. After another couple weeks, it was recommended to go 1x week- maximize the insurance visits while doing more at home. During the entire rehab, I was always able to get appointments that met my schedule. The upfront administrative professional is very courteous and a pleasure to work with. This is the best choice you can make if you’re looking for PT. Good luck!”

    K. Owens

  • “I was having a lot of pain in my Peroneal tendons. The activities strengthened my legs and we were able to decrease pain in the tendons and other muscles affected by the tendons.”

    S. Nielson

  • “Sarah was incredibly knowledgeable and was very easy to work with. She knew how to work with my insurance and was able to convey instruction to me as well as understand my unique situation. If there is anything more she could do for me it’s going to her boss/payroll and asking for a raise. I had my appointment today at Fast Track with Matthew and I have got to say that has to have been the most comprehensive evaluation on everything from my back to my toes. Quite honestly, the best of ANY medical evaluation I’ve received. So insightful and thorough. I’m so damn happy right now.”

    C. Ordonez