Neuromuscular Re-Education

Much like therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education is the process by which physical therapists and other licensed health care professional stimulate your nervous system in order to improve efficiency or coordination of movement.  

After knee surgery, you might find it difficult to even contract your quadriceps (the muscles on the front of your thigh).  Part of that is likely due to swelling and the inhibition that can cause in those specific muscles; another reason might be because of the pain that is also causing inhibition and making it difficult to contract; it also, likely has to do with the fact your nervous system needs to relearn how to get the signal from your brain to your spinal cord and down to your quadriceps to make it contract well.  This would be one example of when we would use neuromuscular re-education to help your body relearn how to perform that contraction or movement by stimulating the nervous system to do so.  Another example would be balance training.  

So much of our balance revolves around proprioception (our ability to know where are body parts are without seeing them).  After injury or surgery, this sense often becomes impaired, and our licensed physical therapists will help to stimulate this sense to regain your balance quicker. For more information, please contact us at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers Midvale, UT today.