Snow Sports Conditioning

We live in Utah – “The Greatest Snow on Earth”! Many of us live here for the mountains and being able to take advantage of that beautiful powder.  However, not too many of us are fortunate enough to play in the snow 12 months out of the year.  That is where our Ski and Snowboard Conditioning program comes in.  Even after a few weeks off the snow, our muscles start to adapt to the normal land-based activities that we do during our time off the snow.  Unfortunately, that means deconditioning and even atrophy of the muscles and inefficiency of the nerves that control those muscles that help us on the snow.  Our programs will help to re-educate those nerves and recondition those muscles that help to move us through the powder so you spend more time on the slopes or backcountry, and less time in the clinic. For more information, please contact us at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers Midvale, UT today.