Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises are normally those exercises specifically prescribed from a licensed health care or fitness professional to help correct muscular imbalances or recondition after injury or surgery.  At FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers (Midvale), therapeutic exercise is an integral part of our treatment plan, as we all have muscular imbalances that can be improved upon to help make movement and function more efficient, and ultimately prevent injuries down the road.  

Unlike, traditional physical therapy clinics, at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers (Midvale) your therapeutic exercise plan will always be specifically designed by a licensed physical therapist with a doctorate in the profession.  We do not employ aides or technicians, because we believe you are here for Physical Therapy and you should be treated by a physical therapist from start to finish. Please contact us at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers Midvale, UT today for more information.