Throwing Mechanics Clinic

Back, Neck, Shoulder and Elbow problems are common for tennis players, throwers, volleyball players, golfers, swimmers and other “overhead athletes”.  Upper body injuries and loss of performance (usually a loss of power) are often due to a myriad of factors. Problems with the spine or the lower extremity can lead to abnormal forces and eventually injury in the upper body as overhead movement repetitions increase.  Common problems are impaired hip or spinal range of motion or an imbalance of flexibility in the upper body. Additionally, weakness in the core, hips, shoulder blades and rotator cuff often lead to injury and/or a loss of performance. To prevent and solve the problem permanently, you will be paired with a FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers (Midvale) Therapist that deeply understands the demands of your sport. He/She will work with you to customize and implement a plan to get you back on track to injury-free and powerful performance! For more information, please contact us at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers Midvale, UT today.